02 September, 2012


In India two types of people reside, 'Common' and 'Uncommon'. All ‘Uncommon Men’ are common, but, every Common man need not be Uncommon! Common Man, which has the most important role to play in the democratic system of electing the Uncommon Men from their own community of Common Men, seems very common and ordinary today.
Why a Common Man is called Common by the way? India is a country with the population of around 14% of the World population. Today, every seventh human is Indian! With a population of 1.21bn India is the country where: 75% of the people need Food Security, the subsidies, the Employment Guarantee Schemes, the free primary education. So, how can one say that the India’s Common Man is not a common and an ordinary person as the name suggest? A Common Man is nothing but a ‘hypothetical term’ used to define and address the vast and helpless Indian Population.
A Common Man is possessor of multi-personalities. At home, he is a loving, caring, sensitive person. The same person when becomes a part of the crowd, becomes aggressive and indiscriminate. The same man casts his vote in a 3×3 (3 by 3) polling booth on the basis of Caste and Religion. And the one that gets elected as an Uncommon Man reaches the Parliament, eats up money for asking questions there. Common Man is a rush, is uproar for no reason.
The elections in Uttar Pradesh proved once again that how common the Common Man is. The election manifestos of all the political parties had the same Promises, same reasons for them to be voted and the same way of dealing with the Common Man; on the basis of their castes. The poor people get attracted to the aggressive orations and the hollow promises and end up electing a Party which is not going to rethink what they said and promised while soliciting the votes. The people do not have any other choice, but, to believe these hollow promises and to hope for the best!  
Recently, Hon'ble President of India Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil came to the Holy City of Kurukshetra to attend the Convocation of Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra(Haryana). Her program was to attend the Ceremony and then, she had to visit Brahma Sarovar. The road between the two places is not at all in a good condition, but, actually this applies to all the roads in Kurukshetra (accept a few). The Road which was between the two locations was built overnight seeing the President’s arrival, but, the rest of the roads in the city are awaiting someone else to come. This clearly means that the Problems which the Uncommon Men can have are known as ‘Problems’ and problems which the Common Men are having are their ‘Misconceptions’!
Today, the Government wants the people not to speak against the Uncommon Men on the Social Network; the Uncommon Men have the privilege to place a ‘Red Light’ on their vehicles and they get the special treatments, no action is initiated against them for not fulfilling the promises they made to the Common Men during Elections. Is Common Man So Common?   
What this person is (Former Hon'ble President APJ Abdul Kalam), a 'Common Man' or an 'Uncommon Man'?


  1. hehe.. TRUE TRUE.. but for no reason it made me to laugh :(
    Nicely penned !

    1. Thanks a lot! It is a satire on the Indian Democratic System.
      We also are the Common Men and have no other option but to laugh at it..:)

  2. Here, in India, the common is cursed to be suffered!

    1. Good to see you following the Blog, keep reading!
      Common man has the blessing to vote, but, the money and casteism have overpowered the strength of this right. And that is why, this is his(Common Man's) own choice to be cursed!

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  8. We also are the Common Men and have no other option but to laugh at it

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