31 August, 2012


There is a popular phrase in Hindi which says, ”JAB GEEDAD KI MAUT AATI HAI TO WHO SHAHAR KI AUR BHAGTA HAI,” which means that everything starts going wrong for a person when his bad time starts and he starts taking self-destructing decisions. This is what happening with the ‘Manmohan Singh & Co.’ or rather ‘Sonia Gandhi & Sons’ i.e. the Congress Party. First, Anna Hazare’s campaign proved fatal to the reputation of the Government. Second, the price hike. The recent price hike in the petrol price which proved to be heavy on the pocket of the Common Man, but, the Common Man of India has adapted himself to these blows by the Govt; he is a strong fellow, mind you! Third, the act of passing the Cabinet’s recommendation of implementation of the FDI(Foreign Direct Investment), for which the Government got wide criticism and ultimately, changed their decision. Four, the recent action of the Govt. to ban 6 twitter accounts and to force social networking sites to sensor their matter.
See, on the social networking sites, it is in your hand whom to make a friend, what you want to see and from whom you want to see. If you are not fond of ideas of a person, you can simply hide him. The Freedom of Speech is our right. But, this is a clear case of constraining our right of speech.

I heard an eminent cartoonist (Sudhir Tailang) on a news channel (NDTV India) saying that the social networking sites help the people get relieved of all their frustration on the Government by expressing their views on their network. He also referred a story in which a person employed in a company after his job hours goes to a graveyard and remains there for half an hour and then goes to his house. One day his office mates follow him to see what he does there. What they found was amazing! He has kept a photo of his ‘BOSS’ there and goes there to give the photo a beat. This is what helped him get relieved of his frustration.
The stubborn attitudes of the Government on the Lokpal Bill, which was supported by millions of people, the time and again hikes in the petrol prices, the never ending unveiling of corruption cases are all frustrating the common man. The social networking websites provide a platform for the common man to get relieved from the anguish by making a laugh of it. So, in a way, it helps the Government!

There are various other grounds on which we can compete with China which are very much feasible for us, then why are we trying to follow the unfeasible changes, that is censoring the social networking sites, the FDI (which is going to haunt us in long term). India does not have the capabilities which China has. They banned Google and launched their very own search engine. They have banned many social networking sites and replaced them with their own substitutes for them. In India, the democracy of ours disables the Government even thinking about it. 
Yes, Assam incident was unfortunate; but it doesn't mean that the people of the country forgot to live in communal harmony. Our neighboring country, Pakistan, is the root cause of the migration of the North-East students from the Southern part of the country feeling insecurity living there anymore. Pakistan can never become our reliable neighbor, for sure! But, still we agree on playing Cricket with them. What's the need? Why India is so flexible on the demand of investigation on the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. 
Think over it and give your 'frank' comments on this 'spot'...:)
Social Networking sites today are connecting old mates and  making them find each other and talk.

30 August, 2012


Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage?
Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage? Love Marriage is one in which a couple first falls in love and then, they get married. In Arranged Marriage, the parents of the two arranges their marriage and that is why the name Arranged Marriage.

Let me explain what I think with the help of two cricket scenes.
Scene 1: Last ball of the match, four runs to win, batsmen discussing something, bowler ready to bowl. All in readiness! The bowler balls, the batsman swings the bat and the ball goes over the long-on boundary for a huge SIX!
Scene 2: Last ball of the match, four runs to win, batsmen discussing something, bowler ready to bowl. All in readiness! The bowler balls, the batsman swings the bat and the ball goes high in the air. Keeper getting under it and he takes it!

Batsman in the two cases batsman was the same, bowler was the same, the match situation was the same, but, the difference was of that one moment, of the last ball! No one can say with surety that he/she will not love anybody or they will go for love marriage or arranged. It’s all a matter of chance.
Well, in my opinion, marriage is a relation that makes two lives a team for the rest of their lives and if understanding is there between the couple, then the nature of marriage does not matter at all. It is good if you know your partner for longer but, for this, love marriage is not the only option. The time is changing and the parents too are feeling that their children should marry the person they like and this is why the middle class mentality, today, is changing. Today, the love marriages are also getting the nodding of parents to go ahead.
Well, I said time is changing, but, there are many people, many families who haven’t changed or I should say, don’t want to be changed. Especially in the northern part of the country this can be clearly seen. The couples in love are brutally killed by their own parents just because they went against their acceptance. The Khap Panchayats in Haryana, UP, Rajasthan had been in the news for wrong reasons in the last couple of years.
There are two faces of a coin and both are different. But, the end result they make is a coin! I do believe it is the surprise that life gives to us when ‘one’ comes across ‘someone’ made for him/her, and the rest is all we have seen in the Bollywood movies. I do believe, if you love someone, tell your parents about it; convince them, make them know your love closely and if they give assent to you, alright then! But, if they are not fond of your opinion, then you have to make a decision, to take a step ahead or take one back. It’s on to you completely. If your love is clean, if it is pure, your love will win. Amen!
'Love' But 'Arranged' or 'Arranged But 'Love' Marriage! In my opinion, this is the question which needs answer and the answerer is none other than you yourself. What you say?
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06 August, 2012


Source:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/

Have you seen the movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises?’ If you haven’t, no problem! I’m not going to talk about this movie here. There’s lot more to talk about in India apart from Cricket, Bollywood and Team Anna.
After my second year of Engineering Degree, I did the summer internship from a thermal power station of 600MW capacity (having two units of 300MW each). It is a coal fired thermal power plant. I was in the Boiler Maintenance Division (BMD) there. It will look a bit technical to many, so, let me explain it in some non-technical terms. The Plant hardly produced the Power which the same is capable of producing. And the reasons for this are many: the shortage of coal (which has a very small influence on low power production), the breakdown of the machinery, the planned shutdown for maintenance and many more. The Tripping of the plant is also a major reason for the less production than the full capacity.
Why am I talking about Thermal Power Plant? Why am I explaining all this? Last week, in the early morning at around 3 o’clock, electricity cut off in my town. The inverter backed up and all looked normal. In the morning news, I saw the shocking story. What I was conceiving a normal power cut in my town was actually a grid-failure of more than 2/3rd of India. The Northern, North-Eastern, Eastern Grid failed and near about 80 crore people were affected by this huge power breakdown.
It was shocking to hear that the people in the mines under the earth got stuck there, the operations stopped amidst, the trains stopped and the country looked motionless. In the news, I got to know the first time that we are purchasing electricity (in the peak hours) from a country like Bhutan! And for getting out of the trouble of Grid failure, excess of electricity was purchased from Bhutan for that day.
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk
On one side, more than half of the country was suffering from unprecedented Power crisis and on the other side the Power Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde got promoted as Home Minister of the country. And the worst, no clear reasons for the Grid failure are given by the Power Ministry and said that U.P, Punjab and Haryana are consuming more electricity than their allotted part. Mr. Shinde even appreciated his men for restoring power so quickly. This clearly authenticates what my guide for the project at the Thermal Power Station said. He was in the maintenance department and I asked him once what your work in the maintenance is? He said that there are two kinds of maintenance: Pre-maintenance and Post-maintenance. In the plant, the post maintenance work is so much that they do not get time to look after the post maintenance. And then, we had a good laugh about it.
I think we Indians laugh a lot. On our failures, on our mistakes, on our dispossessions and on our system!
May God bless our system! May God bless our country!

Source: http://im.rediff.com

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