15 October, 2012


Apple iPhone is the best phone as far as the quality is concerned, features are concerned, reliability is concerned, innovation is concerned and the brand image is concerned. But, what is the logic behind buying a phone which is costly and having the features which are there in other cheaper phones offered by Samsung, Nokia, Sony, HTC, Motorola, LG etc.
Lets see some of the Stupid reasons people give for buying an iPhone:
  1. If I don't have an iPhone, I'm not having an iPhone..:)
  2. I love the brand Apple and money is no bar for me.
  3. Why buy something cheaper now, if I can buy an iPhone the next year saving 'some' money (not some actually).
  4. Good to have a gadget in the pocket that is a scarcity in my friend circle.
  5. I want to buy Apple iPhone, because I want to buy it and own it.
  6. I want to buy Apple iPhone to pay my homage to Late Steve Jobs.
  7. I can afford it. Why I shoudn't?
  8. My friend has it. I want it too.
  9. I want to buy iPhone 5 because I want to dump my Samsung S3..:)
  10. This is what I was waiting for and now my wait is over. So, I'm going for it.
Find out your Stupid reason from the above 10 and do suggest me other stupid reasons which you feel are funny as Comments on this post.

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