06 September, 2013


A Snapshot of the good looking Reado.com

Do you read books? Of course, you do! Books are our best friend and believe me; best friends, these days, are scarce in this world. Reading books is a very good habit. It enhances one’s knowledge of the language as well as of their interest. It is my favorite pastime and I enjoy reading them. I want my books with me everywhere I go. But, the problem is: their size. I can’t carry them most of the time because of this reason.

With the advent of eBooks and the advancement of Science & Technology, this problem of carrying books was sorted out. But, are you really being able to read those eBooks that effectively as the normal books when travelling? No! Reading eBooks or books, for that matter, while travelling is a very difficult task as the surrounding will not be stable at that time and you will find it hard to focus on the book. As a whole, readability is not there.

But, what if the books start speaking? What if you just need to plug in earphones to enjoy your favorite book? And what if I say, ‘All this is possible’? Yes, this is true! Reado has made it possible. Sumit Suneja and Kunal Pancholi, two young entrepreneurs, made it possible by building a large store of Audio books in Reado.com. Today, they have 100’s of titles available in the market and online. The best part about Reado is that the books they are offering are handpicked. You go to the website, see the collection of books and you will definitely wonder, ‘How they know what I like?’ When I first visited the website, I saw my favorite book: 'Art of War' on the home page of the website which is the best seller at Reado. I purchased it the same day and I am currently 'listening' to it.

I am an Engineer by profession; a design engineer to be precise. I work on my computer all day long and an audio book for me is like something I will embrace the most. I will recommend all you readers to go to the website: Reado.com and I bet, you are coming back to my blog to thank me.

Keep Reading & Keep Listening!

27 February, 2013


 Financial researcher Paul A. Spindt rightly said, “Money is what Money does.” It is a medium of exchange, yes it is! It is a basic necessity, yes it is! It is an index of living, yes it is! It is a store of value, yes it is! I am a firm believer in the fact that money plays a crucial role in life, but, it is not everything. But, to some extent, I am wrong!

Money is a lot more than we think of it! It can make a king-a beggar and a beggar-a king. Want to do a degree, have money to spend, purchase the degree, why waste time doing it. Want to marry your daughter in a rich family, have ‘Money in the Bank’, promise a heavy dowry and you get your wish fulfilled. Want a Govt. job, you don’t need talent, but, you need money. And if you want to become an 'Uncommon Man', you don’t need spectators, you don’t need followers, you don’t need supporters, but, you need money. Voter, the Common Man of India, is nothing, but, a mindless, voiceless, faceless person, who is a part of the society, but, only in the Census lists. He matters a lot, but unfortunately, he doesn’t know it. He has the power which not many have, the power to Vote. He can elect the Uncommon Man from his own Common Men, but, he don’t care! Why he don’t care? This is, actually, the point to ponder for us. He don’t care because nothing is going to happen, no ‘change of state’ is going to take place for him. He was Common, he is Common and, most probably, he will remain a Common Man.

How is India different from other countries? India is the second largest populated country of the world with 1.21 bn population, true! It is home to the largest number of Poor in the world, true! But, one positive thing about our country is that we have a democratic system and the people have the right to vote, right to elect the Government. But, do they use their right well? Are there options for them to elect the right person for the job? The answer is: Can’t say!

In elections, when the people use their ‘Right to Vote’ as their ‘Right to Earn’ is unfortunate. For some hundreds of Rupees when the Common Man sells his vote, he is, actually, selling his future! And, when a person who is elected not by soliciting votes, but by purchasing them, prepares his balance sheet for the next 5 years to get his Earnings surpass his Spending! Election Commission is there to control the election process, to keep an eye on these illegal deeds, but, is their eye going to catch the ‘Exchange (Note for Vote)’? I am in doubt!

Is it, really, the duty of the Election Commission to make people aware of the fact that money is no match for an exchange with Vote? Not at all! In actuality, Election Commission can’t! All the talks on the Electoral Reforms are nothing but the Chit-Chats which are done just to kill the time, talk about the hypothetical situations and perpetuate them, hypothetically! Really, it’s not the Votes that matter, but, it is the money which matters in Elections in India. May God bless the power to believe the Common Man of the Country that money is not everything! Money, actually, is not what ‘money does.’

Money is what we think Money is!”   - Gopal Sharma

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