11 April, 2011

IPL= Cricket + Politics ± Bollywood!

The Cricket, the Politics and the Bollywood are completely different subjects and do not have any relation, or rather, did not had any relation before the year 2008, when the Inaugural season of the mega sporting vaganza ‘INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE’ ( Abbreviated as IPL) held. In the last three seasons what else we have not seen which ideally should not be a part of the ‘Gentlemen’s Game: CRICKET’. We have seen: Harbhajan Singh slapping S. Sreesanth, Lalit Modi’s banishment from the league, Politician Shashi Tharoor falling into controversies for having the financial relations with the  Kochi Team and, the latest, the two franchises the KINGS XI PUNJAB and the RAJASTHAN ROYALS terminated for the violation of the Ownership Rules by the BCCI and the Kochi team also getting the 10 Days to resolve their ownership disputes.
  The Teams like the Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Chennai Super Kings are characterised by their owners, the big bodies- Mukesh Ambani (Owner of Reliance Industries), Vijay Mallya (UB Group) and India Cements (N.Srinivasan) respectively, but the teams like the Rajasthan Royals, Kings XI and the Kochi are owned partly by different groups which brought the teams in collaboration. But the specific part of the team which the individual group owns is not specified. The two teams the RR and the KXIP had played the last three seasons of the league, but unfortunately, at that time all these issues were neglected, probably because of the Corruption or in fear of a controversy.
  The controversies involving Shashi Tharoor, Lalit Modi, under separate titles, big names as far as the Indian Politics is concerned, one famous in the world of Twitter and other for his boldness. Last three seasons of the league have been a great success as far as the 'Cricket' is concerned, and this is the ultimate goal of the concept called 'the IPL.' The gelling together of the International names and the Indian domestic cricketers has helped the former to gain some, or rather huge amount of experience. Must say, the IPL has helped the Cricket in many ways, apart from helping the media to mint the stories from the controversies involving the league!  

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