01 December, 2011

'Corruption in India'... or 'India in Corruption'!

Corruption, in the last few years one has heard this name so many times that even a child can explain it with examples(... :)..), what it is! This is unfortunate that after more than 60 years of independence, we find ourselves nowhere. On the other hand, our neighbor China is developing with a high rate. Indeed, comparing our development with the communist country is not fare as our concept of democracy has haunted us when it comes to development. But, you might have heard the story of the Rabbit and the Tortoise in which the Tortoise in-spite of being slow wins the race. But, mind you, this is not going to happen in our case.
'Our failure have come less from ideology and more from poor management'. India is always considered to be a country of nice and sweet people who will offer their other cheek if you slap one. This is our ideology, the thoughts we have got from our ancestors. The corruption in the country has witnessed a heavy toll in the past two-three years, thanks to the scams coming under the heading one after the other. The scales of these scams were even bigger. The CWG scam, the Adarsh Housing scam, the IPL auction scrutiny, all have helped in the country's creep in position in the World's Most Corrupt nations. I mentioned the name of one of our neighboring countries, China. There are allegations that the corruption there is even higher than ours, but the communist party there has the power to demolish the voices against them. The Anna Hazare's reform indulged the youth of the country via social networking sites. The editorials in the newspapers, the blogs on the internet, the coverage on the television, all helped the reform to reach to the hearts of the common man and the huge support the reform got made the Govt. realize the power of the common man, the AAM AADMI!
In China, people do not reserve the right to raise their voice against the Govt. They have banned many social networking websites just to make sure that such a reform(Anna Hazare's Reform) do not happen in their country. This is not good, is it?
The Jan Lokpal Bill, or simply the Lokpal Bill can well be a start to our fight against corruption. But, the politicians reserve the right to implement the law. Many of them are found guilty of having some undisclosed properties and even having money deposits in their accounts in the tax havens. Will they ('they' here stands for those guilty leaders, not all), pass the bill and this way hit the axe on their own foot.

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