17 March, 2012


"Enjoy the game and chase your dreams because dreams do come true. Mine did when we won the World Cup after 22 years." This is what the great man Sachin Tendulkar said after hitting his 100th ton. What is so significant about this record of 100 hundreds? Do you know? Do you have any idea? Well, almost every Indian does have! But, for those who do not have any idea or do not follow the Game of Cricket, they can get the feel. How? Pick-up a Cricket Bat in your hand and raise it above your shoulder 100 times and you will come to know at the end of it all, the significance!
Well, even then some will say, he raised his bat 200 times in his 100 hundreds: for the 100 50’s and then, for those 50’s getting converted into 100’s. Valid point isn’t it? The man has served the Game for 23 years and still says proudly, "When I consider retirement, don't worry, I will not hide it from anyone. I will play as long as I am enjoying it and as long as I can contribute to the team." This is the spirit that has induced him to go on and score those 100 hundreds.
He has shared the dressing room with three generations of Indian Cricketers and is still going strong. "I am glad about the journey. It has tested my patience, my character. So many people have had questions; I don't read any of them. Somebody who has not gone through this will have only questions, not answers. I felt even after 22 years, the cricket god was testing me over the last one year. I will be honest, I was frustrated at times, but I never gave up," Tendulkar said after the match against Bangladesh which the team lost. He has almost every international record under his belt but Tendulkar insisted that he does not play for milestones. "I've never played cricket for milestones. While playing I have ended up breaking a few records (only 'a few', naughty..:)..), but that was never my goal. I play cricket just because I enjoy the game. The 100th hundred was the most difficult."
Sachin Tendulkar is a great sportsperson, no doubt about that! But what makes him great: his records? No! His consistency for the last 23 years makes him a legend. Today, he doesn’t have that power in his arms and does not muscles the ball anymore. But, he has discovered new ways of scoring: the Upper-cuts, the Paddle sweeps, the late cuts and more to come! He scored a 100 in the IPL last year which speaks about his form and his aggression, both are intact.
May the great man Tendulkar score many more and provide many more cheering moments for his followers who love their hero, respect their God!
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  1. nice perspective !
    there are different perspectives as well :)

  2. Thank you very much Deepak!
    The 100th 100 of the great man means a lot for his followers. As many perspectives you take, you still find yourself with 'a few' only..:)

  3. yeah..he's such a nice player.i like him as a cricketer.Amazing post and very interesting stuff you got here! Great job keep it up...

    1. I really appreciate your opinion! Good to hear some positive feedback:)
      Sachin Tendulkar is such a kind of player who is liked even by his critics!

  4. Sachin Tendulkar is a most popular and genius Criket Player. Proud to India.

    Hridya Jose.


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