25 July, 2012


Written by Vivek Ranjan, resident of Gurugram. An unknown entity for some, but, a person with strong hold on the mother tongue, Hindi. Not many people today have this excellence in Hindi. He worked in Akashwani, Delhi in the early days of his career as a News writer.
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  1. world's first elaborated and detailed masterpiece written about sexuality (a good part of it is about homosexuality) was written by an Indian sage VATSAYAN. it is kamasutra. we can observe a deep connection of it through many pre medieval cave architectures like ajanta and ellora and many more.how is it western culture?

  2. I really adore your writing my friend.
    I expect a reply from you with valid and solid argument in support of your article about homosexuality being a western thing and a taboo thing for that matter. you have posted this poem , does it mean that you support this? if yes, then plz reply and educate me. thanks


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