22 March, 2011


A Team loaded with big names, a team with the strongest batting line-up than any other team, in past or might be in future, a team with the so called GOD OF CRICKET opening the batting for them, one of the strongest contenders of the World Cup, World No.1 test team, India, was considered the best among the rest before the commencement of the World Cup. But unfortunately, bowlers have not delivered when it was expected of them at crunch situations. And, surprisingly, the lower middle order has also joined the party with the bowlers. No doubt, Zaheer and Harbhajan have shown some form, but were not consistent or can be said, haven't got the assistance from the other end.
See, India's problem is that they are very much dependent on good start and if the openers fail, they feel the heat and topples under pressure. With the departure of Medium Pacer Praveen Kumar from the team, the bowlers have struggled to pick up early wickets. The Batting Power Play has also been a tough nut to crack for them. Yes, there are a few (in fact, not few i'm afraid) things to worry, but, in my opinion, these situations have come earlier also.

There were some news before the start of the Mega-event that the World Cup Team for India is the all time best representing the country. But, in my opinion, this applies to batting only. The bowling is below par I'm afraid. The World Cup Winning Team, 1983 was loaded with all-rounders and more importantly, medium pacers which exploited the England conditions very well.

So, all in all, if the Team has to win the cup, than batters have to perform, the trump bowler like Ashwin should be a part of the team and the GOD has to put in all his experience to lift up the spirit.


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