23 March, 2011


Sport and Politics, two entirely different fields, but these are blended together in our country. And indeed, ‘it happens only in India’. The IPL Commissioner’s suspensions in one way or the other lead the resignation of Politician Shashi Throor.
  In Sports, India had a dream run this year. The Year started with the Little Master Sachin Tendulkar’s 200 and ended with his half century of centuries in tests. Really, Tendulkar is not just a sportsman; he is a phenomenon and must say, rather, a global phenomenon. And, this is the reason that both the Center Govt. and the opposition agree when it comes to ‘Bharat Ratna’ for the Legend of the game of Cricket. The fantastic hosting of the Commonwealth Games: spectacular opening ceremony and the all time best performance of the Indian Team in the same. The best ever Asian Games performance also came from the Indian Team this year. The hockey, the boxing, the archery and the athletics (surprisingly), all came good this year. The Indian Cricket Team earned the glory after becoming the No.1 in the world in tests. Infact, Cricket in India is not just a sport, it is a religion. And it was proved once again this year.
   Unfortunately, this is just the positive half of the story. The ‘Scams Galore’ is still left to address on. All started with the IPL Controversy. Then, the CWG Scam, Adarsh Housing Scam, 2G Spectrum Allocation and the recent, City Bank Scam. All these scams will be known for their hugeness and their impact. The CWG scam is alleged to have engulfed Rs 63,000 crore. The 2G scam is even worst. It amounts to more than Rs1,70,000 crore. Well, this seems to be a national banditry and the series of the scams amounts to ‘more than’ Rs 2 lakh crore. Indeed, the word ‘more than’ is not for the weak hearted people. National Robbery on such a high level depicts our unhealthy ‘System’. Must say, it is very easy to blame the system, but the ‘system’ we are talking of is a big machine and if there is no one bothered of the machine but of the work it serves, then the machine’s performance will gradually depreciate, common sense, isn’t it. This is where the real problem is.
  See, we must take 'positives' from our past as the moral boosters and the 'negatives' as the watch-outs for the future. Ours is a developing country and as I refered to a machine called ‘System’ cannot be repaired or rectified overnight. The biggest positive for us is our excellence in sports. Development in the field of Sport in one way or the other depicts the development of a country. The biggest evidence to this is our neighboring country China. They hosted the Olympics and did it fantastically well. They topped the medals tally also. And, their excellence in sport has led their economic development also. The same lesson if we learn, then no doubt, if China is excelling today, we too can in the future.
   For me, the biggest positive is the Commonwealth Games, hosted successfully by India. All in all, it is a start. Must say, Sport is a ladder that can take any country to its desired level, and leads to the development. Why the Board of Control for Cricket in India is the richest board in the cricketing fraternity? Answer is, their team is excelling the sport and it all started with the World Cup win in 1983.
   Indeed, the money looted in the scams was ours and belonged to the common man. And the Sporting achievements have dressed the wounds left.
   May the New Year bring prosperity to the Country!  
   May God bless us all!

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