14 March, 2011


The civil unrest in Libya and earlier in Egypt, were for the establishment of democracy there. But, we are the largest democracy in the world. We have what they are fighting to achieve.
Ask yourself 'are you happy with the democratic freedom we have?’ We have the freedom to elect our leader, but do we have enough options to elect the best one from. All the talking on this issue end on just one note: there are discrepancies in the system. And, mind you, the system is not ‘sparks plug of a scooter’, that it can be changed when it is out of order. The year 2010 had been a year of scams, with 5 major scams, including one of the biggest in the history of Indian Independence, the ‘2G Spectrum Scam’, with an alleged amount of Rs 1.76 lakh crore, 13 digit number, mind you.
What can we do or more realistically, what should we do against it. See, the entire political system of ours, lack transparency. Any official data, issued by the Govt. is always less than the alleged, and realistically speaking, the latter is near to the actual as compared to the former. Whether it is the number of casualties in an accident/calamity or is the statistical amount that the scams engulfed, all were made intentionally translucent to the common man.
Indeed, a lot needs to be done, if the situation is to be kept under control, by the Government. But, the money that is just being looted belongs to the common man and the exchequer. The civil movements are, therefore, the need of the hour to make some pressure on the Govt. so as to make the issue a bit broader, which at present is looking as ‘the Center Govt. vs. the Opposition’. But, with the civil movement, I do not mean a Civil Unrest, as is happening in Libya. Being the largest democracy, we own the right to oppose anything undemocratic. But, the violence will lead us to nowhere. It will, in fact, add to the already bandied amount.
There is a burning issue these days called ‘Black Money’. For a common man the figure, which the black money amounts to, is just sufficient to make him mad. It is alleged to be $ 1.5 trillion. A common man can understand it as, if this amount is distributed among 45 crore people, each will get 1 lakh. It is unfortunate that last year out of the total 5 scams 4 came in the last 4 months. India has jumped to the 87th spot in the World's most corrupted countries. And, seeing the fact that earlier we were not in the top 100, it hurts.
Thus, we, the common people, need to conduct democratic but aggressive movements to build some pressure on the Government, so that some action could be initiated to heal the discrepancies in the system.
Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!!

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